Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ahhh..My NY Knicks

So...about 2 weeks ago I blogged about how Stephon Marbury was leaving to Milan and what not and how bad the Knicks were and everything that's wrong with them. So Im browsing the Internet and go to NBA.COM and run upon the this news: NY KNICKS ACQUIRE EWING!
So Im like what the fuck? But then realized that It was Knicks Legend Patrick Ewing's oldest son, Ewing Jr who was dealt to the Knicks from Houston. So my eyes went from really big, to ahh..really small again.
No disrespect to Ewing, but with a team on the rebuilding end, Donnie Walsh and the Knicks organization could've maybe pulled something else off.
Ewing Jr Said "Coming to the Knicks, and hopefully being able to contribute, means a lot to me. It has always been my dream to play for this team, My goal is to show the coaches that I can play and do all that I can to help the team win some games."
We can only wait and see what happens.
Ewing Jr:

The Knicks haven't done all that bad..atleast we got rid of Isaih Thomas and brought in someone who is known for winning championships and is known for changing teams..Mike D'Antoni:
New Coah:

We couldve definitely done better here...we go into the2008 NBA draft with a solid position to pick someone who can help the team..what do we do? we get him...Yeah...$100 bucks says that you cant name him without googling him:

The best thing we got going on right now...
These hot ass Knick City Dancers Owwwww:

Ewing Jr is a solid defender, but nowhere near what his father was...But who knows? Maybe we'll get something great after this...after all, everything the Knicks do cant all be BAD!

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