Sunday, August 24, 2008


Grayson "The Professor" Boucher known for his shine in the AND 1 Streeball Team, is in a movie Titled "Ball Dont Lie". featuring Nick Cannon and Ludacris.

Usually when the term Ball Dont Lie is Used, In NYC, when disputing a call we shoot for possesion, if I shoot and I miss, the person opposed to me would reply, BALL DONT LIE. Cute. LOL

Anyway, the movie is kind of on the 8 Mile side of things. You have the Skinny white Boy, who seemingly doesnt fit into where he lives, dropped out, trouble in the family, yeah we've all heard it before. The Trailer got me though, it's one of those stories that you just want to see what happens.

Here's one picture of most of the cast minus Ludacris who is apparently in the movie also:

And here is a picture with Ludacris apparently about to be embarrassed because the Proffesor's handle is sick, good luck Luda.

Well enough of me bullshitting you, check out the quick Synopsis of the movie and enjoy the trailer and pictures:

Sticky, 17, white, has spent his life being abused by pimps living with his prostitute mother, bouncing from one foster home to another, and living on the street between failed placements. But he's developed incredible hoop skills that have given him considerable social standing among his mostly black peers. And he gets a girlfriend named Anh-thu, who loves him and wants to help him reach his dreams. Sticky sees basketball as his way out of his dead-end life and is determined to make the right moves in the game to attain his goal. But he doesn't quite know how to make the right moves in his life, until a bad decision leads him to confront his dark secrets.

Movie Trailer:


JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

Interesting, but the trailor says coming Spring of 07. Did we miss it? Or was that a previous version of the movie with a bunch of nobody's and now they're creating a luda and canon version that's coming out soon? Hmmm... Don't know if i'll see it in the movies, but i'll def check it out. Whenever it comes out. :)

Mr Bru Cru said...

i dont even know...I had heard about it a whileback..but never paid attention to time of release..Its prob on dvd already LOL i just thought it was a cool subject to write about. Suck it hard JEGZ LOL