Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Behead them....Fitteds to Kill for.

Ok...so you think your fitted game is serious? Think again. Not only was I surprised but I was in total confusion as to why I havent ran into this site earlier in my illustrious, boring life. All the custom hats that I came across about 2 weeks ago made me look at thats totally different. Thanks to FFB Designer Apparel...You can check em out om myspace.com/funkeyflashbackapparel and also on funkeyflashback.com..They got some dope shit.

Anyway back to the task at hand. Im always catching celebrities wearing authentic custom hats and Im always asking myself, "Where do they get these shits?". Well, I still dont know where they get them, but I can atleast look at them. LOL.

I checked out Hathype.com and was hooked. Its like the sneakerfiles or solefresh.com of Hats. Basically, If you wanna know what's out and what's limited and hot in the streets, you check out hathype.com.

They have everything from regular 59/50 New Era Fitteds to Collaborations from such Brands as, Mighty Healthy, Leaders, Bean Dip, Crooks and Castles, 10 Deep, Supreme, Sneaker Pimps, Supra, The Hundreds, and Kicks Hawaii just to name a few.

They got everything from custom colors to Shit you have never seen before so make sure you check them out. Ill leave you with some of the most exclusive fitteds....Get the Bounty cause you'll be droolin' for a while.

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Funkey Flash Back said...

Thanks for the love and repping us for real. I never knew you put this up for us, that is what's up! keep doing it REAL Big! We are with you 100