Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cassie's Officially Sexy

If there was any doubt before about her singing and looks, those perplexed thoughts were put to rest recently when Cassie had an interview not to mention the cover for Complex Magazine. She talked about the rumors about her "sleeping for tracks" which she totally denied and even answered questions about her love life. She was linked with everyone from Ryan Leslie to Puff who is her boss. She said she would rather "live on the streets then fuck for checks".

Also she was asked about her race and if she's ever been confused...which she replied to "all the time". They asked her about her nipple piercings and tattoos also...so the issue is a must read. She seems like a sweet girl, she worked on her vocals and apparently her body too, cause shorty's body is tight. Here are some pictures and the videos of her latest single featuring Lil' Wayne and of her photo shoot with Complex. Guys, you are welcome. LOL

Complex Photoshoot: CLick the link, you wont be dissapointed.

Cassie Feat Lil Wayne- "Official Girl"

She loves Platanos LOL:


AG. said...

Cassie is like a fine wine, in that she has only gotten better with age. I'm a fan!

JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

Man, i agree with the fine wine part. I'll give that girl a baby. I'll freaking suck her fallopian tubes to lol...I don't care lmao! Geez, i love a woman that is not ashamed to take a pic next to a branch of platanos! That's my kinda of chick right thur. Now, i may not buy her album, but i damn sure well will buy any magz she's posing in. I'm keeping real. lol.

p.s. I love her butt cheeks.