Monday, August 25, 2008

Cruelty to my eyes and ears.

I saw this a while back and never paid any mind to it because it looked like a public access commercial. Well, last night I paid attention and I regret it. Not for nothing, but watching TV just isn't the same. Remember when you were younger and you'd turn on the Spice or Playboy channel, on your fixed(illegal)cable box, while your parents left the room and as soon as they came back you would flip right back to Tom and Jerry...ahhh those were the best days of my life.

Well now Im a bit older, and If I want to watch soft porn, I do so at my own time...LOL...This somehow brings me to this Damn Trojan commercial that made my ears bleed and eyes shut faster then when I thought there were gnomes in my closet.

So I get home from work at about 1am...and I put on E!. Huge mistake. They go to commercial from "101 Best and Worst Beach Bodies" and suddenly my eyes are watching the most horrific thing on television now.

Trojan Vibrating Touch!!!
WHAT THE FUCK??? Is it not enough that there are Dildos out there, girls also need a damn sex vibrating finger toy? You've got to be kidding me. In a society where more and more girls are "exploring" their sexualities, and where men are considered minute men, Trojan goes and betrays the Law's of Man and makes this "incredible" toy.

Apparently you(and by you I mean females) attach the contraption to your finger(any finger I guess) and you turn it on, and it's like a mini vibrator. Im assuming you stick that up there and see what happens after, but apparently the reviews are good..great even..LOL

We need more ad's like this:

I wasn't told personally but they have reviews and testimonials from chicks on the TROJAN website...

You ask why this is disturbing to me? Well...Guys will and have always been the target of ridicule and female bashing...and it's understandable seeing as how many if not all of us tend to be assholes. But this is just too much.

And to add to the damn toy..the commercial features two desperate chicks and a fucking grandma...Now come on...who wants to see their grandma or any grandma for that matter in a damn SEX TOY commercial..it's not cool, so not appealing and really...Sickening..LOL

Here's the Damn commercial for it:

To top it all off...she says "Relax girls, you can get 'em right online...That's where I got mine"




JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

I think this was one of my favorite blogs. Haaaaaaa! My man, i can vividly recall the day i saw these girls talking about that shit in a restaurant. They wanted me to listen in. One of them was like, "you can carry it anywhere? i'm picking one of those up." So i peeked in and saw that contraption lmao! wow! When i saw the commercial, i was like "ay yo!". Yo, you took me back to them days of fixed boxes and that "last" channel button being my best friend for close calls lmao! Good one!

Guady said...

Wow, that is disgusting and un-called for...

I think I want one.. lol I kid I kid