Thursday, August 21, 2008

Double Standards...Endless Argument

The Picture above may seem disrespectful, even funny, but it's the truth based on how we, the general, have portrayed the topic of a double standard.

Wikipedia defines A double standard to one class of entities being treated differently from another class of entities, and implies an unfair or unjustified differentiation. Double standards can be applied to many entities including people, groups, and concepts.

There have always been double standards when it comes to being a girl and guy. Mostly when it comes to the topic of sex. Girls get most of the heat when it comes to this and it's pretty unfair. When it comes to dating, the issue always comes up. Girls have a lot of sex with a lot of different guys and they're considered hoes when on the other hand, guys do the same and are praised for it. Women all over the world have been fighting and defending their rights...Why not the help protect their personalities,self esteem or even their names as FEMALES.

Here in the United States things are let loose on more of a calm, nonchalant manner. Examples of that are satire based comic strips. May not seem that offensive because they're cartoons, making the message a case of laughter and is never really taken seriously. But other countries might not take such satire as comic relief. But what is done about it? Nothing...that I know of atleast.
Such example is this:

There's no real way to even come to a conclusion to this, society has structured things this way, the same way they would any other subject. There are different types of Double Standards, based on race the term is called Racism. When the double standard is applied by the minority, it is reffered to as reverse racism, so it's like calling a nigger a nigger and you yourself are Black...Or me calling my fellow dominicans spic's when I myself was born and bred there. It's Also kind of known as an Oxy Moron, but that's a totally different topic. LOL.

When there is some sort of discrimination going on involving gender, that is labeled Sexism, or even Chivalry which is a word to somewhat describe the corteus act of a man when with a woman, but both sexism and Chivalry are kind of opposites, but nonetheless terms of Double Standard.

So when you sit there and think to yourself to judge someone, no matter what it is, make sure you have your facts straight..I mean, you shouldn'y judge people to begin with but at the same time If you are...Why not be Atleast somewhat educated about it...LOL
So please dont be like these two below:

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