Monday, August 11, 2008

FlyWire...New Nike Technology For their kicks

The Nike Hyperdunk was probably one of the most anticipated basketball sneakers of this summer. At first we were getting sneak peaks at the shoe through Kobe Bryant. He would wear different styles throughout the NBA Playoffs. No these were not the ones he Jumped over the Aston Martin with, or the ones he jumped over a pool of snakes with either...although those are hella tight too...LOL.

These New Hyperdunks are the ones that All but 5 players on the USA Basketball Team are wearing. With exceptions like Dwight Howard who is signed to Adidas, Dwayne Wade who is with Converse,Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony who are with Team Jordan and LeBron James who wears his signature sneakers. Also The other teams in the Olympics such as , Germany, Spain and China have their own colorway of the Hyperdunk.
One of the dopest shit nike did with this was that they made a Marty Mcfly Special, Limited Edition Nike Hyperdunk, Inspired from the Back To The Future Movie where Michael J. Fox rides the hoverboard...yeah...enough said about that...I believe they're on sale on Ebay for like $2,000...Good luck sneaker Heads...

Other Olympic sports are wearing sneakers which feature the new Flywire technology...Here's a quick synopsis of the material and design...

Flywire Technology Features high-tensile Vectran threads...which is saidto be stronger than kevlar...yeah that Kevlar..The one 50 Cent uses on his bullet proof vests...LOL...These threads add increased stability while decreasing the weight of the shoe...this has never been done before because other companies feared the health of athletes if they ever used less material to make a show lighter..but NIKE accomplished this feat. The design was inspired by suspension bridges, lending strength with minimal use of materials for the new revolutionary concept in footwear.

Flywire technology brings you a show that is lighter, faster and STRONGER...who wouldnt want to buy this? LOL

Here are some of the dope designs brought to you with this new Technology...Keep your eyes out during the Olympics you are bound to see these on everyone's feet.

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