Monday, August 11, 2008

Inked up...From the Floor up.

Some say its Art, others label it as gang signs, stuipidity and down right Delinquency. Tattoos can be labeled very different things, here's my take on it.

I grew up drawing and looking through scrap books of graffiti art and just browsing through newspapers to see the cartoon section. Ive always loved art, the way it looked and it always made me wonder what I could and couldnt draw, what looked good on skin and what didnt.

I got my first tattoo at the ageof 18..typical huh? Yeah I guess so. I had just dropped out of High School and was doing nothing with my life at the time. About a year before that my grandfather had passed...and I said to myself then that I would get something in his memory as my first tattoo. That's how this started.

When I scrapped up what I thought was enough money, I took my ass to Kingdom Tattoo shop down on West 4th street with nothing but a sketch a friend had drawn up for me and $220. Went in and told them what I wanted, they made me sign that dumb ass paper and I was good..$180 to get a sketch of a goatee'd up Angel, with the words rest in peace written around it in spanish... I loved it as a sketch...later realized that it didnt look too good on skin.

Nonetheless, I loved it. It was something that I took time and thought about and also had special meaning surrounding it. That was the first one.

I didnt get another till the next year...I was working at a movie theater...went after work one day and got my name tattooed on my bicep...again...looked better on paper then it did on skin...LOL..but again...didnt regret it, my name is unique and has special meaning to me.

After having those two I went on a spree of getting inked up...My mom hated it. LOL. It was great though..at one point Im seeing my skin empty, the next minute Im seeing ink on it...forever.

I went on to get 13 in the next 5 years...Im 24 now and I dont regret any of em, and prob wont regret any of the ones I plan on getting in the future....That being said, I'll tell you about some of my favorite inked up celebs and my next train of

Chest Tattoo-

Forearm Tattoo-

Celebs and their tattoos.

I watch a lot, if not too much damn television, and rightfully so, Im always finding weird shows on TV where I see famous people and their ink. Wether it be sports or just plain entertainment TV...These are some of my favorite Inked up Celebs...

We can start with David Beckham...Ok, Im comfortable with my sexuality and all that, but this dude is fucking attractive and it annoys the shit out of me...LOL

Dude married the hottest spice girl, got kids that breakdance and just signed a 5 year $250 MILLION DOLLAR DEAL to kick a fucking ball up and down the field. Not bad...and plus...he makes the ball bend and stuff, thats some dope shit right there. He has his kids names tattooed and his one of the hottest sleeves on his right arm, I love that shit...Beckham gets props for these Arabic type words he has tattoed on his forearm too. Hella tight.



We move on to the hottest bitch walking around adopting everyone...Angelina Jolie...Aside from having some of the sexiest lips in the biz she has some cool as tattoos. She has one on her back on the top left shoulder in some weird Hebrew or arab type lettering...The shit looks dope, plus it was done all Old school style too so it makes it even hotter. She also has this brawlik ass tiger on her lower back, which was also done old school style..She has a few other small ones but those are the ones that stand out to me.

Back Shots LOL-

Next we move on to Weezy...The dude has tattoos on his face...enough said.
From tear drops to represent the people he has killed to recently added " I AM MUSIC" on his right eyebrow...he is by far the weirdest but coolest motherfucker out there. His Eyelids say FEAR on one and GOD on the other...Too many to count or even spot out, the dude looks dope walking around in just jeans and chains.

Last but def not least...My favorite..Travis Barker...Ever since I saw this dude run around naked in a Blink 182 music video, I was hooked(pause) on his tattoos. He gets them done by probably the sickest tattoos artist out on the west coast, Mr Cartoon. From the BOOMBOX to the Hot Chick on his neck, to the cadillac sign and the Word CADILLAC running up the side of his ribs...the dude has the sickest tattoos Ive seen....

Close up-

On that note I leave you guys with some cool pics of the formentioned artists and celebs and hope you guys enjoyed...

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Mah-Wran-Duh said...

I never had much interest in guys with tattoos.... til I met you.

I never knew that a tear represented that...

Thanks to you, I will now know a murderer and his murder count when I see 'em.


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