Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Justin Nozuka...Girls Dry Your panties.

I was up early on my day off for some ungodly known reason...So I decided to see If there were any new Videos out that I havent caught. As you know yesterday I caught that Farns, Kanye and Andre 3000 Video and loved it.
So I checked out MTV...and they were giving probably the gayest show in MTV history...Date My Mom...Not only is it staged but they had a gay episode...Lets not get off topic here...LOL...anyway...

I was channel surfing and landed on VH1 and right when I tuned in they started playing this song by Justin Nozuka...he looks like he was raised in honolulu or some shit, but he was actually born in NYC and then moved to Toronto. He is half Jap and half American, and that somehow gave him a hell of a voice...His solo Album Released this year is Named " Holly" after his mom. He sings a lot of acoustic shit, which makes him stand out. I really havent heard anything this good acoustically since John Mayer..and he did pretty good for himself (Dating america's Sweetheart Jennifer Aniston)LOL.

Anyway...he has a myspace if you want to check him out and listen to more of his music....myspace.com/justinnozuka

Ladies...Control yourselves.

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