Monday, August 18, 2008

My Life..The Game Feat Lil Wayne.

Now when it comes to music videos lately, all you get is the same thing, ass, tits and money flying everywhere. So it was good to see something new(not that I mind seeing ass, tits and money everywhere). The Game's new album LAX is set to release on August 26 after much postponement.
Also listen to Dope Boys with Travis Barker playing the drums, dude is sick..Here I leave you with The video to My Life...a few things to look for...Check out the Phantom Coupe in the video...If its not a Phantom Coupe then you tell me what it is cause the shit is dope, towards the end of the video, Game Smears blood on his chest..kind of deep, and I swear if this video doesn't make the LAPD look bad, then The Game didnt get his point across..LOL...Anyway..Enjoy.

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