Monday, August 11, 2008

No One Higher...Weezy F Baby

Lil Wayne Sold a million copies of the Carter III, and still wont take a vacation cause he feels there is still work to be done. BLENDER magazine just had him on the cover of their September issue. They depict his "work" habits unlike any other magazine article Ive read on him. He recently has had a tootache that bothers the hell out of him and he throws done Xanex pills and gummy bears for the pain, not to mention, smoking blunts galore and zipping on his infamous Codeine Syrup.

Lil Wayne is unlike any other artist out now. He pushed back the Drop of his album by about a year cause people were leaking it out. In doing this...he made crazy news in selling 1 MILLION FUCKING COPIES...LOL who does that shit? The Beatles? LOL. He's a genius at what he's doing and I aint mad at him. He was in over 20 mixtapes and still had work to come out with the dopest album of the year in the Carter III.

It goes on to say in the article how he has a personal assistant who know better than to speak unless they are spoken to, and has A Dominican Tattoo artist who is always with him retouching the art already on his body.

All in all the article captures Wayne in a days work, life minute by minute. He rocks White Polo T's and Evisu Jeans sagging and tops it off with Supra High tops. Also the article continues by adding how Wayne was supposed to go on vacation to Saint-Tropez but didnt because he found out it was in France. Apparently he cant stand long flights, and its easy to tell because through out the whole interview he was fidgetting and moving around all the time.

Great Article, ya'll should pick it up...It also has articles on The Gym Class Heroes and Katy Perry, and an interesting look at R. Kelly's acquitall trial.

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