Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Basketball...Continued

So...I missed the game due to working overnight the previous evening. Nonetheless, I wanted to see how the USA Basketball team did against the hosting team China. Early on it was said, the Chinese national team had a lead on the Americans, but after the Adrenaline settled down...The US went on lockdown mode. Getting in passing lines, opening up fastbreak opportunities, which in my point of view is where they excel. The US had its weaknesses', shooting a miniscule and embarrassing 1-12 from 3 point range...while allowing the Chinese team to make a better percentage not only in the first half but in thegame overrall. The US ended the game shooting 7-24 from the arc, while the China national team shot 10-27.

Obviously the Americans can improve on their perimeter shooting a bit..and Even their perimeter defense...But the 3rd quarter defined the game...In where the United States held China to just 11 points in the quarter, while pouring on 25 on their side.

Dwayne Wade outshined everyone on the court, as he has all prelimanary play and entering the games that really count. He went perfect from the field and perfect from the line earning him the top point getter in the game at 19 pts shooting 7-7 from the the field and 5-5 from the line.

Kobe contributed13 points..but it would be fun to see him get into rythim... Dwight Howard also added 13 points while trying to contain Yao..who also scored 13 ...LeBron James did it all by adding 18 points 6 assts and 3 great Blocks...bringing critics' to murmurs when they said how would the US respond to the obvious size difference.

All in all the game was won fairly easy...101-70 Victory is not bad of a start when youre labeled the Redeem Team and youre definitely on your way to That Gold Medal!

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