Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pastelle Anyone?

Ok, so its been some time now since I last saw anything on Kanye's new Clothing line. At first I thought this was him just fucking with the public, but recently I heard he signed a contract with Louis Vuitton, so watch out..cause here comes the self proclaimed Louis Vuitton Don.
Anyway, ontop of having that, he's also set to launch his own Clothing Line Named PASTELLE. He intends on collaborating with the fashionistas from Ksubi. There have been a few pictures circulating and people wondered if he was wearing anything of the sort, turns out he was. According to the L.A. Times, that hoody Kanye was spotted rocking at the Dior show over in Paris sometime last week is from his line.

Ksubi, which is an Australian based clothing line known amongst the rich and famous, worn by Kate Moss and Mary-Kate just to name a few, is partaking in a collabo with Kanye, mainly half of the Ksubi Founders, George Gorrow. Mr Garrow first worked with Kanye in 2006 to create some Hater Blockers, or known to the lames as Sunglasses LOL, for his music videos. The line will actually be available in October and will feature a limited edition gold frame Stunners that will go for around $2000...not cheap...but they're dope..check em out.

The Hoody in the Picture is also Yeezy's...great combo if I may say so myself.

In a recent interview with Complex, Kanye was talking about the whole Idea of becoming a "fashion Designer" and said the following...

"Just getting the right designs. It’s a gift and a curse. You’ve got all eyes on you, so if you deliver something great, it’s gonna get held as, Oh, it’s supposed to be great. And even if it’s good or it’s OK or something, it’s gonna get bashed.
There were phases where I could just do the bear on a Polo and it would’ve made $100 million. At a certain point. But I always say I was a designer before I was a rapper, and I really wanted to get into design. So then, trying to start designing and goin’ with my girl down to the fashion district and stuff, and looking at fabrics and stuff like that, I’m like, “Oh, shit. This is real.” I’ve learned so much about materials and fabrics and applications and sequence and shiny fabrics and fits and all type of shit…"

If he designs even half as good as he raps, Designers beware.

He also added, "Yeah, we’ll have stuff in stores by November", so there you go straight from the mouth of Kanye himself.

On top of the whole Rap and CLothing line, he threw out the Air Yeezy's, a Collabo with NIKE which are fucking dope...Rumored to have a few more colorways, here's two of 'em to get your mouth watering...LOL

These he rocked at the Grammys:

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Mirenda said...

Kanye can be one cocky MoFudger (prob even more cocky than you if that's possible) but he def has reason to think so highly of himself.

I like the hoody he is wearing on that first pic ...

Hater Blockers=Sunglasses=Stunna Shades lol