Thursday, August 14, 2008

Push or Pull...We've all been caught

Big, heavy, glass doors, and with nothing but stickers about how they're reviewed on ZAGAT. Shame on you guys...Its because of restaurant owners, that over a million americans(not factual) run into doors Yearly.

So...I go and have some lunch, and on every affair, I always take a second longer when I reach the exit and entrance door. Yeah I said it, If I dont see a push or pull sign I'd rather wait for someone to come out or try and go in before me. I refuse to look like a fool, it's happened way too many times, you may as well put a sign that says DOOR DOESN'T OPEN...because I am not trying it. LOL

No one wants to be humiliated, especially not in public. Imagine you're on a date and you want to open the door and be a gentleman, and you push instead of pulling, WOW...good luck getting in those panties.

All Im saying, and most will agree, is that there should be more restaurants with signs that say push or pull. It sucks to run into a glass door.
There should be a Universal "language" so to speak, about doors...Maybe. all doors open on a push? or Close on Pull...maybe that way people can get it through their head and realize it before they make the huge mistake of running into the door. Wouldnt that be better?

We being New Yorkers, and Probably everywhere else in the US, Know that when we go up or even down the stairs we stay to the right. Its not that difficult, and it controls people traffic. So how about we control Door traffic?

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Anonymous said...

Too funny!! Only you would think of writing a blog concerning whether we should push or pull on a door. But you made valid points! 129080983209480923849028394 kudos!