Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Starbury...To Milan, Italy??...

So...In the last 20 years we really haven't had an NBA player from NYC who has really represented us. Michael Jordan doesn't really count, although he was born in BROOKLYN, moved to North Carolina and Repped Chicago, but thats besides the point. Lew Alcindor was probably the nicest thing to come out of NY in a long while. But who the hell remembers him?

This brings me to my thoughts at hand..Stephon Marbury..aka Starbury.

Where do I even begin with this?

Im a bit dissapointed, always respected his game cause I saw him play at Rucker Park a few times, but something about him just wasnt there. HEART.
After being drafted in '97 by the Twolves, and a couple of trades that Included Phoenix and Nearby New Jersey, Starbury finally landed in his hometown of New York.

Playing in NY has never been easy, wether it's Basketball, Baseball, Football even Hockey...there's always a certain swagger you had to carry to be able to play here. Many have tried and Failed, Look at Tim Thomas...who was booed time and time again for not playing to his ability, I see him all the time at my barber and the dude doesnt care, he still getting paid. Back to Marbury...who is the Knicks highest paid player recently next to Bum ass Allen Houston, who retired and is still getting paid(INCREDIBLE!).

The Knicks having Isaiah Thomas didnt help either...Just cause things went well in Indiana, doesnt mean youre gonna come to NYC and turn the Knicks around. I hate him.LOL. Im a Knick fan for life because of their late 90's team. Now that was a team, Ewing, Harper, Oakley, Mason and Starks. They played hard,won games and NY fans loved them for that. They showed no Mercy against the rival bulls, smacked them around, playing fearlessly(although the bulls smacked em right back LOL).

Now we have a team with like 5 guards and 1 "Big" man In Eddy Curry. Not to mention Zach Randolph aka the Black Hole..Give that dude the ball in the post and 9 out of 10times he'll shoot it. Its horrible.

What do we do in the '08 Draft? We pick up another motherfucking Foreigner...ring a bell? Yeah, I thought it might...we did the same thing last year and the fucking Italian dude didnt even play a game for NY...so it's all happening again for us LOYAL Knick fans.

Want to know who else I hate? Donnie Walsh aka "Why the Fuck am I still the Knicks Owner". If there is ever a documentary on ESPN which I hope there is, about bad owners, bad teams and bad coaches...Sorry to say but the Knicks would be in there like swimwear. It sucks too. NY fans are the best, we love you when you're at your best but we hate you with a passion when you aren't performing. What do you expect? Athletes get paid the millions and we pay the hundreds even thousands of dollars to go see them, they can take a few harsh words from fans. They're used to it anyway. LOL.

Let me stop getting off topic, back to Stephon. He made those remarks about leaving to play in Italy a year ago and people took it to heart. He was just gonna up and leave. Turns out, as he clarified, that he meant as soon as his Knicks contract is over in 2009 he's going overseas to Milan to play ball there. Ummm...why the fuck would you do that Steph? You are in the NBA, the place millions of kids worldwide yearn to play in, the place I wanted to reach when I would wake up at 5am to go to High School Basketball practice, the Place where the BEST, and I do mean the BEST fucking basketball Players in the world are!

According to Marbury, his plans to do so haven't changed a bit. He's quoted as saying, "Why wouldn't you want to play basketball, still make money and live in a place that's beautiful," Marbury added. "Milan is definitely where I want to play basketball at. That's where I fell in love with Italy."

So Knick fans get ready to Boo the shit out of Marbury as soon as the year starts, cause god knows I will.

Next move for Donnie Walsh? Get Sebastian Telfair...LOL

Some pics of Starbury For Ya.

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