Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Style Changes...What's Next

Ok...So over the years we've had a few style changes in men's fashion. Some better than others but nonetheless, they all somehow changed how men dressed.

These are my personal memories and examples.

A few years back, maybe early 2000's Probably my least favorite (although I contributed to it) was the era of the 3XL Tee's. By far the most annoying fashion statement ever created...LOL. It hurts me that people still rock these...down south especially. Rappers like Soulja Boy and Dudes like DJ Unk are still keeping the oversized T shirts alive. I dont hate...I wore them too..and now looking back at how I looked, I wish I could hang myself at the mere thought of thinking that shit was dope. It was like probably the most uncomfortable clothing Ive ever worn. If you tried to run, you would trip in how big the damn shirt was. If you wore shorts, forget about it, you would have to wear them down to your ankles. It was unbelievable how bad it looked yet people could not STOP wearing it. Here are some examples...close your eyes people LOL

Ok...enough of that catastrophe. All of us can count our blessings and thank the hell out of god that we moved past that(thank the hell out of god, LOL). My next example is the "Usher" as I call it. Ever since his hit record "YEAH" You know, the one where we would play simon says and would do all of his hand gestures at the club...Well, that video introduced the blazer and fitted genre of clothing. Everyone was wearing it, from Ball players to regular dudes like you and I. There was no one out of the loop. I can honestly say that it was a step up from the white T's. It brought a more sophisticated and grown up look to guys everywhere. Here are some prime examples of The "USHER" LOL

After that prim and proper style change, My next move was over to the sweater over buttondown look. It looked good with jeans and slacks. You couldnt go wrong with this one. Everyone was doing it, and it could be done so many ways, you could either throw on a tie or not. You could even add some flare and throw on a Fedora a la Dwayne Wade who spent all of last year with a different one on everytime he was caught in a picture. Nonetheless, it takes a step up from the Oversized t shirt look.
Here are some examples.

A few years after the whole USHER, we came to witness the rockstar chain look. White boys used it to hold their wallets attached to them, Jim Jones perfected it by urbanizing it and adding iced out skull heads to it. Here are a few pictures of that.

Some tried to wear the damn "Im an 80's baby" shirts and sweaters, a few people even tried suspenders...yeah..the Urkel suspenders, Honestly unless you have a 3 piece suit on, suspenders aint cool. All in all, we've seen styles come and go, and some are still around, Im waiting to see whats next. Will we get the burden of something as bad as the Big T's or will we be blessed with something everyone can grow custom to? On that note...keep your eyes open, something new is bound to come our way.

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