Monday, August 18, 2008

The Universal Rule of..."Shotgun"

Road trips, Going to the Store, smoking, drinking(not that you should drink and drive but...) or whatever you do in a car everyone knows the rules. You call shotgun first, it's yours. Is it written anywhere? Not that I know of. God wasnt creating the world and told Adam and Eve, "Hey Guys by the way, after Adam Dies from biting into that apple, remember to spread the word about Shotgun calling, Thanks." I always sit and think to myself (and dont front like you dont do it too) Where did this derive from? Well, where ever it came from, respect it and oblige by the rule. It's like dating your best friends ex-girl..a NO-NO, so dont go thinking you can just over rule the law's of driving...cause you cant!

People tend to think there are exceptions to this rule, Not quite. Just cause youre fat, and by fat I mean really fat, doesnt mean that you can over rule your friends Shotgun call...Unless, and I repeat this, unless you're all in a small car. That is the only exception to the rule. That and maybe the whole UK thing where they drive on the right side, it just feels weird calling shogun then.

But when you and your friends are in a Cadillac Escalade, which comfortably seats 8, and at a surprisingly affordable price of under $60,000, dont tell me that Just cause youre fat it "allows" you to over throw the Shotgun call made by your friend hours before. It's just not right, and downright embarrassing.

If you know you'll be in a car, its the standard rule. Everyone knows it. You can text Shotgun, yell shotgun in a large crowd so everyone is witness to it, call it in a night before a road trip, but my NO means Necessary think that it can be reversed. By no means necessary is this in reference to anyone in specific, but If you're reading this and you have stained the SHOTGUN rule, please take a moment to slap the heck out of yourself for being a prick. Thanks, Come again.

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jegz said...

Ur so stupid. I know exactly who you're speaking of lol. No bueno! lol.