Sunday, August 10, 2008

USA Basketball

Ok...So everyone has been talking and comparing the 1992 Dream Team to This years USA Men's Basketball team...Its ridiculous...They're totally different teams, though each have similarities... But there will always just be 1 Dream Team..and Thats the one with Michael Jordan on it...LOL...Not taking anything away from Kobe and Lebron And Melo...But Until this years team takes The Gold in Beijing..there shouldnt be any comparisons.

1992 Dream Team-

2008 USA Olympic Redeem Team-

It kind of annoys me though (the Olympics) NBC broadcasts' it for like 9 hours and its nothing but Millions of people carrying the Damn torch...I dont care about Michael Phelps Swimming and winning like his millionth gold medal, dont care about the US soccer..cause quite frankly..who does? They always lose to Like...Brazil...LOL..but probably by far the most annoying thing of this is..the damn Time difference..I gotta wake up at 10am on a sunday just to catch the Opener USA vs CHINA...lol..what a man does for the love of a sport...lol

Winning Gold couldnt be More Fun-

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