Sunday, August 24, 2008


They say Pictures are worth a thousand even a million words...but what when you have no words for pictures? Yes your mind is flooded with thoughts about it, but youre speechless. I was like that at about 4:30am(ET Time). A tear down my left cheeck, sad you ask? No not at all, Happy? You bet...excited even...thrilled, and most important of all...PROUD!

Since 2000 the USA Basketball team consisted of the world's greatest players, but critics spoke and said that maybe the world had caught up. Maybe...and definitely. The US hadn't won gold in 8 years, broke my heart, made me pull my hair out. Im a die hard basketball fan, always have been. Im the biggest critic in the world when it comes to this. There are a lot of people that judge and base it off of NOTHING, I go by facts.

Three years of Commitment came down to only 40 minutes of Cover your eyes basketball. And unlike every other game the US played, they needed all of them. After beating their previous 7 opponents by an average of 30 points per game, second highest to the Dream team who in '92 demolished every other team by 43.8 points per game, the US team had their toughest battle yet, and they came in the form of motherfucking Spain! LOL

Valiant effort by the Spaniards who penetrated thePaint effortlessly:

The US won 118-107 to get what they have been working so hard for..THE GOLD MEDAL!

But in the End..Spain, who a week before the medal game lost to the US by 37..Couldnt hold on to muster up a win and had to settle for the SILVER:

In the end, redemption would not be denied.

The same day of the Medal game, it was Michael Redd's birthday, talk about a gift. The day before...It was Kobe's 30th Bday...talk about a 2nd gift...LOL
Kobe took over in the 4th quarter..having his hands in 15 straight US points..wether it was scoring or dishing out assists..He was there...favorite moment you might ask?
Spain was only down by 3...The US swings the ball around the perimeter, where does it land? Kobe's hands...Fake shot...take shot..get fouled...3 is good...4 point play..what does Kobe do? LOL...Put his finger to his lips and HUSH!!!! PRICELESS!!!

It took us 8 years...yes..But Jerry Colangelo did a great job at getting and placing the right pieces together...Redeem Team No more...Call them The GOLD MEDAL WINNERS!!!

Kobe on his Bday...Umm I wonder what He wished for..LOL:

The man postponed surgery on his finger..why? To play and win gold...Great fucking choice:

Enjoy the pics...I sure did:


JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

Pics are crazy nice my "G". Gold, it's a beautiful thing. Go U.S.A baby!

Mirenda said...

Wow... victory is beautiful! I'm not a die hard basketball fan but looking at those pictures makes me proud! You can almost see the excitement pouring through their pores!

I love the hush!!