Friday, September 12, 2008

The Air Legacy Continues...

When you think of the number 23 in Basketball, you automatically think your Airness, Michael Jordan. Most will try and dethrone him but none will ever come close.

His shoe legacy also continues, although Nike and Jordan have said that they will stop numbering their Air Jordans after the 23, they will continue coming out with Air Jordan shoes. Kind of sucks that it seems as if the shoe line is ceasing, but nonetheless, there is always change. Jordan has never failed to deliver with their retro's and original Kicks. Be on the look out for the next several Jordan packages.

Olympic Jordan Retro I-

If you look at the stitching you can see that it insinuates the Dream Team Glory back in the 1992 Olympics. Dope shit.

The next package to come out is the 15/8 Package. The 8's are classic and ill while the 15 stay simple but nonetheless exclusives.

I love sneakers, I wouldn't say I'm a sneaker head although I have my own personal favorites, and this is no exception...The best package by far is coming out in December, the 11's and the 12's WOW!!
Originally, the 12's were supposed to be the white and black ones, the OG ones..but they've released a statement saying that they will come out in white and grey. Awesome nonetheless.

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