Friday, September 12, 2008

Apple..And they dont stop.

More i pod? Yup. Apple is set to release a new ipod touch and new ipod nanos. Apparently they re the Funnest ipods ever. Whatever that means. hey, they dont fail at making them look dope. Also some new ipod touch screen coming out...Sounds like the itouch? well it isnt. It looks like a straight box that you can touch LOL. Here are some pictures. Enjoy.

New Ipod touch, with slimmer design, built in speaker and The Nike + Technology for you that jog.

Ipod Nano

Be on the look out for this baby

For more info:WWW. Apple.Com

1 comment:

Mirenda said...

ugh!! Apple sucks!! Ok so maybe not so much but it's def not my cup of tea! Their products leave all other brands in the dark- good and bad ones! Having personally toyed with many brands of MP3 players, I gotta say that Ipod is def my least favorite while the old GINORMOUS outdated Dell DJ was my favorite.

Anyway... BOO to ipod!! & kudos to you for writing such specfabulous blogs!