Saturday, September 27, 2008


In the picture above, Pratt shows off a diamond encrusted Jesus piece, while his girl shows off the earrings he bought her for her 22nd Bday. Must be nice.

I'm not going to front, I watch the Hills. The show is corny, but it's like Flavor of Love, you can't help but watch that garbage. Above all, that dude Brody Jenner is the man. Ever since the beginning of the show, Spencer Pratt has been on people's shit list. He's an international asshole. His attitude sucks, and he is the biggest smart ass that I've ever seen. But the dude is Hilarious. LOL I'm sorry but I can't help but say that he has become my favorite "character". Yes people, it's scripted. Pratt doesn't work, drives a beamer and has Clothes and Jewelry out his ass. You love to hate him.

Recently caught having a picnic for his girl's Bday-

He bought her earrings and a pair of Ives Saint Laurent Ankle Boots

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