Friday, September 12, 2008

C.O.D.+DJ Elle+Lush Life= Dopeness

Lately Ive been looking for a lot of stickers...mainly just clothing company and anything that looks cool. I've had Lush Life as Myspace friends ever since I could remember, and I always liked their flow, just how they carry themselves...

Easy going and the phrase "Never too Drunk to Fuck" says it all. ever since then, Ive always tried to show them love. I asked for some stickers and my boy Ryan via Lush Life sent me a bunch and this mix CD from DJ Elle which I must say that I haven't been able to stop. Ive had it on repeat since I got it.

Definitely try and get your hands on it, it's not anything out of this world, but the flow of music is just right. Bop your head bitches.

Previous work from the Ill DJ Elle

DJ Elle and My boy Ryan from Lush Life

Dope C.O.D. Mixtape- Get your hands on this shit~

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