Tuesday, September 16, 2008

God Bless The Female Body!!

Check out that video and you will agree with me and say that Megan Fox is unbelievably beautiful. How the FUCK did Brian Austin Green, I repeat, Brian "90210" Austin Fucking Green get this chick to say yes to him??? Seriously, if he had a chance, I have a fucking chance. Shorty makes me wanna work out. She's definitely my number 1, but that's just cause my girl said She's have sex with her too...LOL
Fox is in the upcoming Cover of GQ Magazine, and with the cover reading She says what she thinks and does what she wants...You can only imagine what the interview holds.
I leave you with some pictures: Bite your fingers guys.

Foxy Lady-

God hates me, so he tortures me by making this-


I'm Wet-

She's a Hot Mess alright-

I leave you with a video of her GQ Photo shoot...Let the Drooling begin:

For more on the interview visit: men.style.com/GQ

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