Wednesday, September 10, 2008

J4FNYC Represent Yourself

What If more people took life less serious? What if we were more easy going? Things wouldn't matter as much. Life would be a lot more easy going. Even better, what If you wore something that expressed just that? Well..search no further, I have something that may get your attention.

Imagine yourself hanging out in SOHO, the different dining, different people...Skate rats, Sneaker heads. Now imagine chilling uptown, tons of heads on the block, slinging crack, rocking the freshest kicks. In a mere train ride you see the drastic change in environment.

J4F started out with a thought, spread into an idea and eventually will turn into the Phenom of streetwear. Just for fun you can call it, the way life should be taken..with ease.
Imagine pitching drugs in an uptown building, waiting for feinds. What's your biggest threat? POLICE. Check out this Fashion statement:

Go to SOHO, bring your fitted jeans, and your messy, greasy hair and ride the rails in the park with this:

Or simply wake up every morning loving your life and living at peace:

Now Imagine a young kid, with a head full of ideas, and it all comes pouring out into a simple form of art...what does a heart represent to you? Love, Care, Life?

How about taking that heart and breaking it up so that every piece symbolizes something different. The heart obviously representing the love for something, a passion.You got the drops...not of blood, but simply for future battle scars and telling you how every hustle takes a beating....the shadow behind the heart meaning all the dues you will have to pay. Last but not least the halo is for the bright future after getting through it all.

The heart represents the cycle of life, and what obstacles you face to get to your desired prize. After all, who doesn't want to be on top of the world, in the LIMELIGHT?

Im a huge fan of fashion and art, and I support My boy Justin in his mission to giving you a new sense of what it means to be from NYC. Giving you a look into his mind, seeing this world through his eyes.

For more info on the clothing line and updates visit: J4FNYC.Com

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