Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lindsay getting Hitched

So...apparently dudes ain't getting the job done for Miss Lindsay Lohan. According to Celebrity Gossip.net, the child star and DJ "friend" Samantha Ronson are getting married. Um mm...Great. Obviously saying that "were just friends", means we make out at clubs and were getting married. Nonetheless, I'm happy for the girl. The paparazzi and the media are always getting on her and scrutinizing the crap out of her, at least she's happy now...I hope.

She's been spotted supposedly searching for a wedding dress, "sources" whoever they are, say she's leaning towards a white Chanel Dress..a mini one at that. I guess Lesbians and Gay's just do things differently. Good for them LOL and Sam will wear a tux and top hat. Now come on..that's not Cool, but hey, whatever rocks her boat.

I'm happy for the two of em. With all the bullshit gossip and rumors it's good to see some truth. CONGRATS CARPET MUNCHERS!

Here are some pictures of the two spotted at New York City's Fashion Week. Enjoy.

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