Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Jersey(s)

In the NBA there are always changes, constantly. Recently the Seattle Supersonics owner, crushed the city of Seattle by not renewing their contract with the city and the stadium to move them to Oklahoma City where they became the Oklahoma City Thunder. Ummmm, yeah. The jerseys have not been revealed yet. The design of their other apparel is cool, it's just gonna be really hard to see that this upcoming NBA season. Recently the Orlando Magic unveiled a new Design for their 2008-2009 season Jerseys. The throwback Orlando from the Penny Hardaway times to me, were and still are the coolest Magic Jerseys ever. With the new one for this year, they showed us some futuristic looking ones which I guess will just have to do. The Minnesota Timberwolve's have also unveiled a new design, kind of simple, but it works cause that team is on the up and coming. Enjoy the new designs.

New T'Wolves uniform-

New Orlando Magic uniform-

The one on the left is Last year's Jersey-

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