Monday, September 15, 2008

NBA in full Effect

Over the summer there was money to spend and with that the 2008-2009 NBA season is right around the corner and there are new things awaiting. Trades galore happened over the summer, so we will see a lot of new faces in different places.

Will The Lakers try and get back to the promised land? Will the Celt's repeat? Will these new faces make impacts in their new Uni's? We can only wait and see...Oh..and I already reserved my copy for NBA 2K9...it will be Ill...go get yours!!

I leave you with the New Faces New Places-

Jermaine O'neal After many strong season with the Pacers, moves on to be Chris Bosh's new Sidekick in Toronto-

After stints with the LA Clippers and Portland Trailblazers, Miles will try his luck in Boston with the Defending Champs-

After many injury Plagued seasons in Milwaukee, Simmons will try and help out the new look New Jersey Nets-

Along with Yi Jianlian, the Nets revamped their roster-

With all the big names in LA, Corey Maggette made some news by leaving the Clipps and heading a bit north to Golden State-

After years of being Jkidd's wingman, Richard Jefferson takes his act to The Bucks-

Mo Williams takes the PG spot to help out King James in Cleveland-

Offensive machine Mickael Pietrus takes his services to the Magic-

One of the biggest names in Free agency this past summer was Baron Davis who is returning home to LA to play for the Clippers-

Remember this guy? Yeah Brent Barry has won Dunk Titles andNBA championships, now he takes his veteran skills to the Houston Rockets-

After years with the Knicks and Nuggets, Camby joins the LA Clippers-

Signing one of the biggest contracts of the year, Elton Brand takes his skills to The Sixers-

Being the Number 1 pick doesn't always guarantee greatness, Kwame Brown goes to The Detroit Pistons where he will try a new look offense-

Trouble seems to follow him, but Ron Artest looks like he's cleaned up his act a bit, he takes his Lock Down D to The Rockets-

Being a sparkplug off the bench gets you fan appreciation, Ronny Turiaf takes his energy to the Golden State Warriors-

If you ask me, Gold follows this man wherever he goes. He won a chip in Miami, left went to Boston and helped them win the title this past year, Now James Posey takes his talents to New Orleans-

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