Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Take a shot with me Baby...LOL

This is what happens when you start a bet where you let your beard grow. This is what happens at house parties and youre drunk and your fat annoying friend swears to god that you'll throw up...LOL

Inside look at me when under the influence: Enjoy.

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JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

HAhah, this was another priceless T7 gathering moment. Honestly Big A is in the wrong line of work. That nikka put this shit together in a few minutes. I love his Star Wars intro lmao! lol. He's one of those quite comedians, that just comes out of nowhere with funny shit. You and I on the other hand, our vocal comedians, loud mouths lol. It sucks that you didn't blow chunks. It would've been cool to see some vomit residue on your beard lmao!!!! Nasty in know!!!

Eeeeeheerrr! I forgot about that one lol!