Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Talk about a sissy move...

E6 From G's To Gent's-

Ok...I watch a lot of television and it finally paid off. I don't like laughing at people getting hurt cause I have a bad tendency of attracting accidents LOL. As I sit and watch the "G's To Gent's" reunion, they talk about how Kesan, the short crazy motherfucker just sucker punched E6 the Brooklyn, NY native. One of the camera men or I'm assuming directors, asked E6 to spit some rhymes, and while looking at the camera, E6 out of nowhere gets blindsided by Kesan, then runs away. You can barely see it, but on the left side of the video, you see Keasan run away and E6 chase him. After that clip was aired, E6 showed some balls and maturity by going up to Kesan and shaking his hand and saying it was all good. WOW. It would've been me...You guys already know...the clip is funny somewhat, but it really shows how grimmey dudes can be. Big ups to E6 for being the bigger person.

Kesan From G's To Gent's-

While spittin' a Rhyme E6 gets sucker punched-