Thursday, September 11, 2008

VMA recap

Russell Brand humored and pissed off fat ass Jordin Sparks but to me he was hilarious, his crazy hair and british accent killed the show...

So Im a bit late on the VMA's thing, but hey better late than never. The show was...different. Maybe it was the location, but something about it was altered..not in a bad way..but it was just different. The location was cool, it took place in LA at the Paramount Pictures Set. They have replicas of just about everything including NYC which is dope.

Everyone is music was there. Lil Wayne, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, T.I., Rihanna, The Sexy ass Pussycat Dolls and Kid Rock, and that's just to name a few. There were performances from Chritina Aguilera where she remixed "Genie in a bottle" and sang one of her new songs too.

Sexy ass Christina Aguilera with TI and Russell Brand

Lil Wayne

Presenters veried from Gold Medal winners Michael Phelps and Kobe Bryant to Demi Moore and Jamie Foxx...Who I thought had the Funniest comment of the night when he saw TI and acknoledged that he was there and said " yeah boy get that bail money" and he went on to say " Im just playing wit ya dont shoot me"...LOL. Hi-Fucking-Larious.

Chris Brown

Britney Spears and her Moonmen

There were many winners, Pussycat Dolls won for best Dancing in a video, Chris Brown won Best Male Video, but the biggest winner of em all was none other then Britney Spears, YES people, Brit Brit won 3 Moonmen. For someone that has been to every VMA in her career and always been nominated and has never won, I must say Congratulations and well deserved. Maybe her album didn't do well, maybe she's been a bit on the weird side lately, but that doesn't take away from her talent and Illustrious career...so big props to her for looking fine and doing well. I leave you with some pictures.

Pussycat Dolls Win too

Lauren Conrad from THE HILLS

Tila Tequila


Diddy's Hot Chicks DANITY KANE

Skateboarding Phenom Ryan Sheckler

This was his ride to the show..T-Pain

For more Pictures and Videos of Performances of the show visit WWW.VMA.MTV.COM

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