Monday, September 22, 2008

What a Fart!

What is this world coming to when our daily gas release is being monitored and altered? Apparently someone hated the way their farts smelled and decided to create SUBTLE BUTT. Yes people, a contraption to make the odor dissapear. Chelsea Handler took some time out during one of ther shows to address this issue and I totally agree with her, "I ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO FART" she also said " IF I DIDN'T FART I WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO WITH MY DAY". Now that's one Funny bitch. The product is real, you're supposed to place it on the liner of your underwear or pants...Good Luck.


Chelsea Handler: Subtle Butt 1:43 into the clip-

For more info on this product visit:www.garmentguard.com

1 comment:

Mirenda said...

Dude, I would so buy this!

It's funny what boredom can do for you...

One moment, someone is sitting on the couch without cable with nothing but time to think.... the next, that same person invents something like this. Awesome!