Sunday, September 7, 2008

William Rast

Im always trying to find ways to change my form of dressing. Wether it's adding a chest tattoo so that V-Necks would look more appealing, or wearing not so baggy jeans so that the toungue of my sneakers would be more exposed, there's always something that I try to do to distance myself from the ordinary...so this popped into my head....

Judge all you want, but I've always been a Justing Timberlake fan, except for that Afro in the N'Sync days, but regardless of that I always thought of him as a very down to earth kind of guy. He is, or was a very big sneaker head, saying in previous interviews that he owned every Jordan show that was out and it got me to think that maybe in the future he would have something to do with fashion.

Well on top of being a fucking sex symbol, singing and acting, JT also has a clothing line with his best friend Trace Ayala...Yup that same dude that was seen years back "dating" Elisha Cuthbert..yup..that Elisha, the one that gave us all Hard-ons when we watched her in "The Girl Next Door". Stop fronting like she didn't become your Hollywood crush after that Movie LOL...anyways...

The Clothing line is called William Rast, supposedly is the name of both their grandfather's..pretty catchy..but whats better is the small trailers, something like movie snippets that make the brand that much more appealing. At first I thought themodel chick was JT's Girlfriend, Hot ass Jessica Biel, but it's not...LOL I leave you guys with some pictures and a few video snippets of The Brand...a sort of Dark, and sexy Bonnie and Clyde type theme...real cool. Enjoy.

For more info on William Rast visit www.WilliamRast.com, also myspace.com/williamrast

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JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

Justin Timberlake aka William Rast just freaking rocks. This kid has so many things under his belt at such a young age that it's not even funny. (side bar: I hated him in his curly afro days to lol). Anywho, the trailers were crack. Thanks for diggin' this sh!t up lmao! U the man!