Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Words can not Explain

What does it feel like to be down by two points in the fourth quarter with twelve seconds on the clock and you know, your coach knows, your teammates know, Joe Shmo in row 23 seat 8 knows that you are going to take the last shot that will either make or break you.

How do you feel inside when your team is depending on you, with two outs, full count and the game tied for you to come through in the clutch. Bat dwindling between your hands, do you grip the bat harder, or loosen up your grip. Do you blink? Do you focus on the pitcher or Focus on all the lights, yells, screams and distractions all around you?

You've been running up and down the field, flags all over the place, 3 hour game an it comes down to a field goal. Taking 3 steps back and 2 to your side, the ball is hitched, you take your steps towards the kick...football flying 36 yards in the air, is it between the Goal post? Or maybe, youre the one making the throws, the play caller, the future hall of famer. You have options, where do you go? do you hail mary it? Drop it to your running back? Choices.

You set up your teammates for the whole game and they can't come through in the clutch, the game comes down to a penalty kick. The ball is placed for you, and as you retreat you ponder to yourself...what is the goalie thinking? Should i kick for the left or right corners? What if I miss? What if I dont? You square up take your motions, connect with a kick, run around the field while your comrades chase you and you slide on your knees in celebration!

What if youre the highest paid athlete of 2007-08, Black, and the Illest golfer in years. Dope name? Check. Hot Wife? You bet. Millions in the bank, endorsements? Pffff been there done that. Fist pump everytime I win the PGA? Perfected. What goes throught someone's ming as they sink a 30 footer, eagle, birdie, quiet as a library until that ball hits the bottom of the cup. Priceless.

Wether youre in pee wee, PAL, recreational or even the major leagues in sport, the feeling is always the same. You get a sense of glory in a win. You become overwhelmed with adrrenaline, blood rushing, you're yelling, screaming, tearing of joy. Hugging your coach, your wingman, your partners that made everything you're feeling possible. Words can't explain what is going through your head. YOU'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND! That's what you say when you win the SUPERBOWL. The feelings are different yet all are mutual in the sense that you share the same satisfaction, WINNING!

You work hard at your craft. Wake up in the morning when it's still dark, drink eggs, jog for miles, suicides 'till you throw up, 2 even 3 a days to perfect your individual as well as your team game. It can all come down to the final minutes and seconds of a game.

In the history of sports we have seen the 8th seeded Denver Nuggets knock off the 1st place Seattle Supersonics.

We have experienced recently the undefeated New England Patriots get dethroned by the New York Giants, in which is probably one of the biggest upsets in sports history.

We have witnessed Michael Jordan time and time again take a final shot and break hearts. Over and over again we've witnessed errors, miracles and spectacular plays give us goosebumbs.

What went through your head when Bill Buckner let that routine groundball roll right through his legs as the Mets went on to win that game and the World series in 1986.

What were you thinking when the ball was inbounded to MJ, he crossed the free throw line with Craig Ehlo all over him, Elevates and makes, what in my mind is one of the best moments in sports history. Did you get goosebumps when Kobe Bryant grabbed the jumpball with 6 seconds left on the clock, took 6 dribbles elevated over 3 Phoenix defenders to Win what was one of the best playoff games I've ever seen.

Or did your jaw drop to the floor in the 2006 ALCS, Aaron Boone at the plate, Tim Wakefield pitching his devatating knuckler and to NO effect cause Boone smacks it into space.

What was your reaction to The Boston Celtics, being one of the worst 5 teams in the NBA in 2007, regrouping, acquiring Keving Garnett and Ray Allen, going on to have the best record in the NBA, struggling with the young and talented Atlanta Hawks, Dethroning the Cavs and Pistons in the process and Defeating the Lakers to win the NBA title. How did those moments make you feel?

It was a mixture of confusion, excitement and happiness. You dont know who to high five, who to hug, who to WHOOOOOOO with? The best mixed emotions I've ever felt in my life.


JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

Oh man, i've had a few moments like this in my life. I recall one of my favorite moments was in 1996, PAL softball championship, last game of best of 3, 107 vs Harlem, series tied 1-1. Bottom of the 6th, Bases loaded with 2 outs, and we're down by 6 runs. Cirillo aka Tito (remember him?), is on third, calls me, and with his thumb refers to a gap that has been vacated in left field. Immediately i shift my left leg towards third based to pull. On the first pitch, I hit a bases clearing triple, bringing us within two runs. Nata aka El negro, brings me in w/ a single down the line. In the bottom of the 7th, and down by one run, Rambo plates two runs with a game winning double down the line. Kudos for him, cause it was his error, that caused us the lead in the previous inning. He got the MVP, but I kept the game ball (i still have it in my closet lol). I lead the team in RBI's during season (which included a grand slam over the fence...nothing sweeter), and the playoffs. I had 5 in that last game. Memories... lol. This should've been a blog on it's own lol.

JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

One more thing, that Aaron Boone game winning HR, was hit in 2003 homie, not '06 lol. They lost in 6 games to the Marlins that year. Just letting you know. I'm a baseball stats fanatic lol. But you know what's even a funnier and weird coincidence since we spoke about this recently, guess where we were on that exact day, game 6 of the WS when the yankees lost? At Fright Fest Great Adventure. Crazy right? lol.

Mirenda said...

I'm not sport savvy like you but this blog presents the beauty of sports... those last seconds where all eyes are on you and you're holding on to that last bit of hope...

Nicely worded!!