Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Betty Boo

Ok...so I need everyone's help. Well, not so much me, but my homegirl needs our help. See...I have a friend named Betty, and Betty loves Alex. They both had great wonderful private time and created baby Isaac. Now, she entered this contest to win some luxurious, all expense paid Wedding by some very wealthy wedding catering and all that jazz company. All she needs is to to go onto the website and vote. Simple as that. If we can choose Obama and Vote Nov 4th we can do this, it only takes a few seconds. Get to it people. Here's her story. Enjoy.

~Lucky in Love~
By Bethania Diaz
Ridgewood, NY
Alex and I met in High School, Sophomore Year 1996. The moment I saw him I knew he must have transferred to my school because I had never seen him before, it must have been lunch time because we were all hanging out in the back of the school by the handball courts. I had all these emotions, excitement, nervousness, shyness, since I didn't have the courage to go up to him, I had my friend do it, and we agreed on playing a game of handball with a wager, If I lost I would kiss him and vice versa, of course I lost and stalled as much as I could until it was time to say goodbye and he asked for his kiss and after sweating bullets I obliged. I can remember our time together then, being sweet, innocent and pure puppy love but with most young love it ended in a matter of months, we ran into each other maybe once after that but we both went our separate ways. 8/21/04~8 years later, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him across a bar (awkward place) but as fate may have had it, we were destined to cross paths again, as our friendship ended abruptly in HS with no farewell. I went up to him and he saw me and I sensed he was trying to remember my name, and he said “Becky” which I replied “No, it’s Betty!” and he said “Of course” and we laughed and just started chatting away, we picked up where we had left off, reminiscing and reliving the good moments we had, we grabbed a bite to eat and agreed on calling each other when we got home. That night we spoke for hours until daylight arrived just talking about everything that came to mind, the old days, what happened in between our 8 year gap, our current single status, I had no interest in sleeping. I couldn’t wait to see him again and since we lived very close to each other I asked him to meet me at the handball court near us for all times sake, I felt like we were kids again and nothing else mattered at that moment but just making sure that I’d never lose him again. 8/21/08~4 years later, Alex asked me to meet him after work at that same handball court in our neighborhood; I agreed but didn’t really understand why, I thought we would go out for dinner for our anniversary. When I got there, I was greeted with his wonderful smile and a big hug, then he asked me, “Do you remember this spot?” and I said “Of course” and he responded “Well good, I’ll make this simple for you” at that exact moment he dropped on one knee and said “If you marry me, I’ll let you win by default and I’ll give you a kiss” with the same exact emotions as when I had first met him, I felt a sudden weakness and my knees gave out, and just like he was on bended knee, with tears streaming down my cheeks I said “Of course I’ll marry you” and we both kissed with such passion and at that moment, our whole love story flashed through my mind and I realized just how lucky we were to have a second opportunity at Love. After 12 years, I still get shy and nervous when I look into his eyes and still amazed that so much time passed between us and we were able to pick right up from where we left off. Not only are we blessed to have each other, but God willing we’ll have the rest of our lives to enjoy each other. “Our Love is anything but Ordinary, We’re Lucky in Love”.

Go to www.bridgewatermanor.com
Click on Promotions
Then contests and Vote for "Lucky in Love"


LaBellaVida said...

I voted, hope they win!!

Soulful Jenn said...

I caught up to your blog today and I have a lot of comments. Here goes.. Get ready.. for your one of a kind comment.. Ready? Nah you not.

Britney Spears-Womanizer: that video is hot!!
Jonas Brothers-Love Bug: Nice song and I never gave em the time b4 your post and now I'm a fan.
The preview for Four Christmases had me crackin' up but then again Vince Vaughn is always so funny! Anyway movie looks perfect for my holiday season 'cause I may or may not be lonely this year lol.
I love Diddy's videos. Shows character, and when I seen him buying Enyce, well let's just say I never knew how to pronounce that damn brand until today.
Mike Epps-Big Girls: is that song real? LOL. Let me find out someone I know heard that in the club.
T-Pain "n 'em" for that video Go Hard behind the scenes and whatnot.. Gotta agree with BLACK CASANOVA on how he feel bout DJ Khaled.. but then I see whatchu sayin bout him being able to yell all he want, he's makin' bank. Nonetheless, looking forward to BLACK CASANOVA's blog tho where he demolishes DJ Khaled lol. And yes I heard Kanye West, straight fiyah.
That Guitar Hero Ad is thee shit, I LOVE it!
Fuck "The Hills."
Patrick Ewing Jr. is sexy tho.
Dumb & Dumber: you did a magnificent job selecting those videos! Yes I said magnificent.
I love Will Ferrell and him rockin' that Ricky Martin shirt: priceless.
Busta Rhymes-Arab Money: the song is catchy, and I never thought that for at least 3minutes I could be cheesing away like a retard. From everyone cheesin' in that video to Honey Bunches of Oats and Cheerios makin' an appearance THEN Busta grabbin dudes belly. Oh lawwwd.
Then I seen that Chelsea interview w/T.I. IMMEDIATELY broke the record of me cheesin' like a retard for 3+ minutes. Still can't believe I smiled so hard for at least 7 minutes. And idk WHYYYY seeing this interview made me look at T.I. in a whole new light.. cuz after watchin' ATL and him havin a 12 yr old boy's body I was like ummm not cute.. but then his nice ass giggle/laugh/smile.. Damn T.I. and his fine ass with his situations lol. Do he want a 7th baby? LOL let me stop. I love Love LOVE how Chelsea grabbed his ass. That's exactly what I woulda done!! She's fuckin' hilarious!! 2nd interview I seen, 1st one was w/Fat Joe but that wasn't as funny.

So, I love your blog. I'll holla. PEACE!

Soulful Jenn said...

shit. I forgot to add that I voted!!!!! And her story made me say awww [on the inside]. A'ight I'm out.

P.S. Aren't you glad I didn't text you my one of a kind comment?!! LOL

Muh.Wran.Duh said...

I'm gonna try to get all 439 of my extended family members to vote...

And if I go to work this week, I'll vote from every computer.

Good Luck Betty!