Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Canseco's Regret

After Snitching out a handful of future Hall of Famers and telling all in his book "Juiced", Jose Canseco says he considers it his biggest mistake. In an A&E Documentary special, Canseco tells all and says that if he could take it back he would, and that he was in a very sour mood with baseball when he wrote the book, he states that he was unhappy with the sport and felt as if he was alone, and felt the need to bring people with him. Canseco also goes on to say that if he were to come face to face with Mark Mcguire, whom he named in his book as using Performance Enhancement Drugs, that he would sincerely apologize. Canseco is showing a side in which he is vulnerable and shows that he is human and that he too makes mistakes, or maybe he's just using this to get back in the spotlight since he seems to be fading away. Who knows? Either way, it's a very interesting look at the whole Steroid conspiracy.

Canseco Regrets "tell all"-

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