Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ive never been a fan of Reebok...Always been a Nike/Jordan kind of guy. Anyway...The only thing about Reebok that ever caught my interest was Allen Iverson(Pause). In the young'n days his commercials were ill. If you don't remember, here are a few of them featuring Jada-Kiss and my favorite one of AI with that Crossover move that everyone and their mother was trying to patent back in '98. Enjoy.

The Reebok A5-

The Reebok A6-

Now A.I. has had a different pair of Kicks for every season, besides his first ones, these are by far the best...

I remember Patent Leather Blue and gold, and my favorites, Red Leather and gold...Ahhh The good old days.

Call these the A1-

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