Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dirty Thoughts

Now don't get me wrong...I appreciate the fine piece of Woman that I have, she's everything to me and then some. She keeps me grounded and keeps me humble. Ever since I met her, my world changed and so did I. She's to thank for the person I am today and quite frankly she's unlike any other girl I have ever met. Who says there's no such thing as a perfect someone...Getting to the point, My girl is Hot...but, what if I would've never met her? What if I would've met this girl instead?(See Below) LOL

Thank god that my girl is hot. If she showed any flaws or just any slight horrible feature, I'd pack all my stuff up, rent a car, and drive to California, grab one of those $5 Maps of Celebrity Stars Homes in Hollywood and try and find Megan Fox and tell her that she shouldn't be with B.A.G. that instead she should be with me...Ahhhhh what a beautiful thing the mind is. Enjoy the pictures.

God Bless Blue eyes and god damn her for being soooo damn fine-


Mirenda said...

3 pics of me VS 89798732 (with just a little exaggeration) pics of Megan.....

That's great! lol

It's an unexplainable feeling to discover that my boyfriend has more pics of Megan Fox saved on his computer than he does of me...lol

I don't blame you though babe, she is one sexy beesh!

Muahz, I like this one...

7.3 kudos!

Mr Bru Cru said...

You couldnt get more random then 7.3 Kudos LOL But I still Love you