Monday, October 20, 2008

Got Kanye??

So What is one of the busiest dudes in Hip Hop set to be doing after he releases his highly anticipated new album in November? Make music for another one in June of 2009. 808's and Heartbreak which will be Kanye's next album is set to have every song with drum influence behind it. People apparently don't sleep anymore, West is set to start working on his next album after this one which he says will be coming to us in June of 2009...way to keep the hits coming. Here's an interview with guardian.co.uk over in Europe.

Kanye will release another new album in June 2009, he has announced. Though 808s & Heartbreak, Kanye's fourth album, is just weeks away from release, he is already planning a follow-up.

"I have more music to do," he said last week at a listening party in Los Angeles. "It will be from my heart."

Certainly Kanye has established a reputation as a fast worker. Counting 808s & Heartbreak, the rapper/producer has released four albums in four years – as well as countless remixes, cameos and awards-show grandstanding.

But the question is whether next year's album will be a return to the sound of 2005's Late Registration and 2007's Graduation, or whether West will be continuing in the style of 808s & Heartbreak, an album that by all reports seems to be a little ... unusual.

Last week's 808s & Heartbreak listening party boasted 200 guests and a gaggle of nude models. The naked women, part of an installation by artist Vanessa Beecroft, sat, leaned and bent over as the invitees tried to concentrate on the record. "I like the idea of nudity because I realise it's society that told us to wear clothes at a certain point," Kanye explained to People Magazine.

Though Kanye's singles are characterised by a lush, expansive sound and often filled with accelerated soul samples, 808s & Heartbreak seems to be a different affair. Autotune dominates the album, according to reports, making it a skeletal, synthetic and oddly sing-song release.

According to veteran producer Mike Dean, who helped mix the album in Hawaii, Kanye had rules in the studio. "Every song has got to have an 808 [drum pattern] in it," Dean told MTV News. "A keyboard part, no typical hip-hop beats. They've gotta be tribal drums. They're all singing."


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