Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Britney Bitch!

I told a bunch of my friends a while back that Britney Spears, has the potential, and will make one of the biggest comebacks in music history. She started by growing her hair back, and by working out. She looks great and won some of those moon men things at the MTV Awards, glimpses of "Throwback" are all over her new video.
Ps. Always remember, Britney Spears is a fine white chick.

Britney Spears-"Womanizer"Womanizer -

For more info check out: Www.mtv.com


Soulful Jenn said...

Yeah Britney is sexy. And I always liked that female. Been prayin' she gets good press but her voice aint all that great. Didn't stop me from purchasing cd's tho lol.


T-MuRda Bx BloCkz said...

dam son britney is looking crazy son i guess she back on her shit man dam she got a nice cake lol. like soulful said i dont know how she does it with that voice but with that body after two kids. she still got it swril twril lol.