Wednesday, October 29, 2008

JetLag Anyone??

So...I get out of work after a somewhat busy overnight shift. My boss kept telling me he needed to speak to me about "Work Related" stuff in person so he asked me to go to the uptown Hospital, St Lukes and speak to him. I obliged, tired and all...went out of my way to head there instead of home. Anyway, long story short, things are going to be changing for me "Work Related". After I was done with business I felt hungry(as always) so I decided to head to the Deli...my homie Alex made me a banging sausage egg and cheese and a Bacon egg and cheese for mom dukes. As I waited on my food, I took a glance at the Daily News(Hispanics must have) and my eyes landed on the words "Jet lag Study: Get Paid to Fly". Being the random person that I am, I like to store useless information in my head. Anyway...So I read the short article and it states that a New Yorker got paid $2,500 to be a guinea pig in an FDA approved drug testing experiment in which he participated in a one-day study in a Manhattan office, then went on to Paris, France for a 3 day-2 night testing overseas. Everything paid for, flight, meals and the experience is a one time thing. The only problem with it was that once in France you could not leave the facility of testing for sightseeing or anything of that nature...Hey...Who cares? You're getting $2500 Dollars to go to Paris and everything is paid for! Where do I sign up? Turns out that you are able to "apply" for such testing, but you have to meet certain qualifications. I did not. Maybe you will have better luck.

For more info: www.jetlagstudy.net


T-MuRda Bx BloCkz said...

omg nigga u crazy fuck that shit son i try that shit nigga here in the bronx. let me tell u some thing i was in a clinte for 10 hours son and they did like ten thousand exam on me just to tell i dont Qualify!. Those testing site are no good son i will never do some shit like that again. I never sign so many paper in my life kid and to top it all off i got $75 buck for the day hey it was something.

Mr Bru Cru said...

Lmao0o0 OMG thats horrible thats why you get no butt in life.