Monday, October 6, 2008

Life on MARz

I'm always looking for new people to "meet" on myspace. About 2 months ago I came across this dudes page that just seemed interesting to take a look at. So I request him and turns out I was right. I'm a very analytical person, I tend to critique and dissect people..whether I'm looking at pictures or listening to their music or even reading their Bio, I can pretty much tell when someone is "Cool". Now, I recently started blogging, I've always liked writing and always enjoyed expressing myself in a way that was strange to others. My sense of humor and attitude is one of a kind making me realize when I have found one of my "own" so to speak.
I introduce you to Cool C. Dude is down to earth and his sense of Fashion is out of this world, probably from MARz.

His blog FLMarz.blogspot.com is one of my daily reads. He and his team most of the time beat me to similar issues, but I enjoy reading their stuff, because like them, I enjoy people reading my shit. Cool C wears these T shirts that are solid colored but carry the word "Marz" on it...Now when I first peeped it, I caught him with the all black with red joint, which by the way C, would go great with my Spiz 'ikes(wink wink) LOL. But on a serious tip, dude is always on his P's and Q's and he along with his team are starting something that I have a feeling is gonna blow up soon and be bigger than MARz.

Cool C on his way to MARz-

Much love and shout outs to FRANK LEE MARZ!!!

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