Monday, October 6, 2008

Neptunes Split???

There have been rumors everywhere, from blogs to magazines that the world renowned and gifted beat makers The Neptunes are splitting up. The tandem which consists' of Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams have been rumored to no longer be a duo, let alone friends. Paste Magazine had a short article on the topic, stating that the duo did once "call it quits" in 2005, but earlier this year released an album....so who knows? The group is currently on tour but it has been said that Chad Hugo is not making appearances at shows...The Neptunes, or N.E.R.D. which stands for No one ever really dies has had chart topping hits ever since the 2000's began, lets just hope they live up to their name.

Chad Hugo-

Pharrell Williams-

For more Info: Www.PasteMagazine.com and Www.Google.com

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