Friday, October 3, 2008

Next Run DMC...aka I use my DADDY

So you know his dad from the ever popular rap/rock group Run DMC, and you know him and the rest of his family from MTV's hit show "Run's House". Team Blackout just put out a record, under an independent record label, no money upfront, you advertise yourself so obviously it's not BAD BOY. I always looked at them as a joke, Jo-Jo using his dad to get himself and his crew some exposure. Maybe he can flow, maybe not. He's always in the studio, so maybe he's good at producing or making beats. And honestly I don't doubt it...growing up around Music Royalty you'd think he'd learn something. Born with a silver spoon, dies with a silver spoon. Listen to Jo-Jo's verse...way to throw it out there that you're a spoiled brat. Enjoy.

Team Blackout- "Swagga Like us"

For more info- Www.WorldstarHiphop.com

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