Saturday, October 11, 2008


A few days ago, Adam "Pac Man" Jones, who is the Dallas Cowboys' cornerback was involved in a minor scuffle with a member of the security that is provided for him by the Cowboys. There were no real details released about the issue but the bodyguard says that it was nothing major just horseplay. Pac Man who has been diciplined before by the NFL for about 6 arrests and constant trouble was recently implemented back into the NFL after about a year and a half of being suspended. This is a statement from the bodyguard who was involved in the "scuffle" and lets hope Jones keeps trying to stay out of trouble, talent is something people take for granted now a days.

News: The bodyguard allegedly in a fight with Jones Tuesday night said the incident was no big deal and was little more than overexuberant horseplay, the Dallas Morning News reports."We have mutual respect for each other," Tommy Jones, who works for a security firm retained by the Cowboys and who was assigned to Adam, said of the cornerback. "I'm still on the security detail. It's no big deal. We want this to go away, and it never should have happened in the first place." The Cowboys have decided not to discipline Jones, perhaps due to the fact that they're already stretched pretty thin in the secondary due to injuries to Terence Newman, Roy Williams and Pat Watkins, but the commissioner's office has yet to weigh in. "We're trying to determine all the facts," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said on ESPN radio. "It's clear there was some type of an incident. We want to understand all the facts, and once we do understand the facts we can make a judgment from that point. At this point right now, it's just making sure we understand exactly what did happen."

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