Thursday, October 16, 2008

Philly reigns

Something about last night's game just told me that the Phillies were going to win...Leadoff Homerun...not a great way to start off...and that's exactly what Jimmy Rollins did in game 5 against The LA Dodgers yesterday. As much as I hate the Phillies, I can't help but enjoy when a team Celebrates a win, that's the ultimate feeling in sports, any sport at that. Celebration after a great accomplishment are the moments we play sports for. Whether it's a game winiing shot, or a walk off home run, the adrenaline is like no other. Cole Hamel showed once again why he is one of the best young pitchers the MLB has today. Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies.

For more info check out: www.mlb.com and www.espn.com


Soulful Jenn said...

I will always love the Dodgers. But I know what you mean about a win for any team, the celebration of it all.

JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

OMG! I hate the phills! The same way you Yankee fans feel about Boston, is sort of the same way us METS fans feel about them damn phills. Now from 1994 'til about 2006, We didn't even worry about them damn phills. The Atlanta Braves were our worst nightmare; battling them for any chance of post season glory. But now the freaking phills are doing it to us. Aaaaaah! But, hey, I congradulate them. LET'S GO TAMBA!!!

Mr Bru Cru said...

3 words..Lets go Boston!! LOL