Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Play Ball

The whole Baseball season was filled with Incredible drama and great highlights to go along with it. One of the brightest and most "out of nowhere" stories were and still are the Tampa Bay Rays. A team that was at the sewers of the MLB ranks, made a total turnaround this season with their young talent and their relentless pursuit to prove others wrong. Finished 1st in the AL East...and without signs of freshman like symptoms, won their first ever Playoff Series by defeating the Chicago White Sox. They move on to face the defending Champs, the Boston Red Sox.

With much hype behind their 2nd MLB Championship in 4 years, The Boston Red Sox came into this season with high expectations. One thing that apparently bugged management up in New England was Manny Ramirez. If you ask me, I have no idea why they would let go of a Future Hall of Famer, the best Player you've had in god knows how many years...and why? Because he was a distraction??? To what exactly? With Manny they won 2 championships, without him they had none, now is their chance to make sense of the trade Earlier this year that sent Ramirez to the west coast to play for Joe Torre and The LA Dodgers. The Red Sox did their job eliminating the Over hyped Anaheim Angels and now await the before mentioned Rays...Oh yeah...

Manny isn't doing too bad either, he actually helped take the LA Dodgers to the NLCS, first time since 2006. We'll see what moves helped or hurt what team, but for now, LETS PLAY BALL!!!

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