Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some Warriors were Born Women...

Lo siento No Hablo Hoodrat-

Bri with the "Pussy Prevails" T-Shirt-

So...besides a few chick brands out there I don't really know much about girls clothing. Hellz Bellz, Married to the Mob and Princess of the Posse are some of the ones that I am familiar with and have seen here in NYC when I go shopping, No I do not shop for women's clothes, but I see them when I do shop. Now, I requested these girls about a few months ago, cause I had seen their blog, and it was just fun to read. They don't care about what you think and they look good doing it. They curse and Hold shotguns, yes I said Shotguns. Both Bri and Desi have a sense of style like no other and will soon have your bitch threaded. Take a look at their new Look Book. Oh and Like I told Cool C...Mr Bru Cru says Weekend Warriors is Dope!!!

Desi reppin' that "W"-

Cool C What the Hell did you do now?-

For more info: Www.Wkndwarriors.blogspot.com and Blog.weekendwarriorsclothing.com
and check em out at: Www.Myspace.com/weekendwarriorsclothing


Mirenda said...

I like this...

these girls rock...

and the "no hablo hoodrat" shirt is CRAAAACK!

Mr Bru Cru said...


Who taught you to speak that way???
Only I can pull off saying CRACK!!!