Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We've Come a long way...

Remember ATARI, Sega, N64, NES, Mario, Duckhunt, Mike Tyson Boxing...Remember Cassettes??? Jesus Christ I saw a cassette the other day, and I even saw someone on the train with a Walkman...yes ladies and gentlemen a Walkman. Not an Ipod, or a Zune or an MP3 player..a Yellow Walkman, with a handle strap. I was like WTF? The old days are way gone, but I can't help but think of stuff like the for mentioned. It makes me realize how far we have come. Back then I would take tapes and unwind them, have the film all over the place, and even try and spin the wheel to get the film back in place.

One side of the cassette held most of the film and I would sit there thinking why? Then realized that as I rewound and Forwarded a tape, that was the reason for the lopsided volume if you must. They were everywhere. Tapes were the shit. Most people now barely remember a VCR tape let alone a Cassette. Wow, how times have changed.

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Muh.Wran.Duh said...

Awesome post!
I was talking about cassettes with one of the techs at the hospital this week...
We were talkin about how we used to sit by the radio with a cassette in dock waiting for a good song to come on then hit "record"!
Oh chyit, those were the good days!
I'd always have songs recorded that started in the middle of the song or included the DJ voiced introducing the song... I Never had JUST the song in it's entirety.

Wow, great post, seriously!

Now, my nephews ask, "whats a cassette?"