Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"The Answer" talks Move

Ive tried to lay low with the sports blogs on this site cause I tend to do them more for RocktheBureau.com, but I cant help but throw a few on here anyway. I had blogged about the Allen iverson trade to Detroit over at the Bureau, and I decided to post the news conference here. It is always a difficult thing to get traded and have to move all your stuff. What's even worse is when you do it often. Iverson is moving for the second time in as many years, and the question that always stuck out to me was, while being traded, what runs through your mind? Do they want me, or does my previous team want to get rid of me, and The Answer, no pun intended is stated here. Good Luck to A.I. in the Motor City, may he finally get his well deserved ring.

Allen Iverson News Conference..watch it until the end to get a quick giggle out the whole thing. Enjoy.

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